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Business Services - Chai Hai

From small to large or corporate businesses, we have the perfect instant chai and coffee and machine solution for you. 

Enjoy a customized chai and coffee solutions for your business. We first strive to understand your business requirement so we can deliver a perfect chai and coffee solutions for your workplace that meet and satisfy your requirement - both in taste and cost.

Our business solutions are surrounded by quality, consistency, innovation, technology, sustainability, services and our professional customer service department.

Why Chai Hai?

Our business solution is simple and ensures you get a consistently good cup, every time you want one. Good for you, good for your people, your business and the environment.

  • Our dedicated and professional staff will help you meet your target.
  • We provide fast and reliable delivery through trusted logistics providers.
  • Our online and offline ordering and membership service solutions provided convinience and saves time with no hidden fees.
  • Our do it yourself (DIY) repair model will help you reduce hefty after sales technician and part cost by providing you service videos and virtual video calls on how to resolve a problem or to change a part. Most of our parts can be found on our machine parts link. 
  • We also provide local in person machines pre and after sale services in some Canada and USA cities. 
  • We retain top performance with an impressive chai and coffee products and an overall drinking experience.
  • Machies are suitable for reception, to kitchen, to meeting room, to warehouse, we have the machine to match the need
  • Virtual assistant available 24 x 7 through video/audio calls and emails.  

What we provide 

Patient machines, premium chai and coffee products, stringent quality ingredients, disposable supplies and prompt after-sales service to deliver memorable experiences to our consumers.

Branding Solution

Yes, we do private label branding.

We are known for our co-packing/branding solutions for restaurants, offices and distributors/wholesalers for chai and coffee machines & products. 

From ideation to formulation and labelling to commercialization, we work with you the entire way to create your perfect product.

We provide a complete customise and end to end solution with our partners and we help build their brands in the market by providing them from business registrations to business developments. 

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