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Chai Tea Machine in Canada

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Chai Hai service platform is a new, exciting and convenient way of providing    the cup of instant chai and coffee from the chai vending machine by cutting labor cost, saving energy and generating revenues for businesses., a hot beverage machine and instant tea depending machine distributor and service provider in Canada and USA allow businesses to serve their customers or staff with a premium variety of chai and cappuccino coffees just at a press of a button. 

Generally we all have a perception of snacks and beverages dispensing apparatus, whereas the truth is that the technology can also be used for several other purposes. As time has passed, the trend of drinking chai also seems to have evolved. The current trend in making an authentic cup of chai is a time consuming process and then the chai drinkers have to wait for minutes before they can have their favourite cup of chai.

Our chai machine is designed to eliminate the traditional process of making chai and replacing it with the chai dispensing machine and flavours for businesses who wants to serve their staff or customers with a variety of hot beverages. 

Each device offers three to four types of instant chai and cappuccinos and can be installed in dine in restaurants, delivery only restaurants, quick serve concepts, offices, small to medium size business, college and schools, convenience stores and metro stations, etc.

South Asia origin makes one of the largest ethnic origin groups in Canada. In 2016, almost two million of South Asia origin lived in Canada, representing about 5.4% of the total Canadian population. This population has greatly increased since this report. This makes them the largest visible minority group in Canada comprising 25.6% of the visible minority population. The largest communities from South Asia are living in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. 67 per cent of South Asian-Canadians in Canada live in Metro Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Greater Toronto as of 2016; together they make up nearly 30% of the combined populations of the cities.

With a rapidly growing South Asia and Middle East communities and businesses we see that this service can surely win the hearts of these categories with a potential customer base for the chai.

Even big companies and providers of everyday service beverage industry based in USA and Canada are paying attention in instant chai flavours developments. For example, Tim Hortons now offers a specialty tea latte, Starbucks has introduced a tevana, and Van Houtte sells single-origin chai tea in K-cup format.

The chai market is shifting in response to specialty values such as instant, premium quality, more diverse flavours, natural and authentic taste and convenience. The revival of interest in chai, stems from factors such as increased global travel and rising immigration from South Asia and Middle East, where chai is the beverage of choice.

Having a fair market share of South Asia and Middle East population of Canada who loves chai is one of an advantages any businesses can have and it will also help impress their clients and increase productivity at their office by introducing Chai Hai machines.


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image of chai machine in canada

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