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Saffron Latte (Authentic Taste) Instant Kesar Premix - 2lbs

Saffron Latte (Authentic Taste) Instant Kesar Premix - 2lbs

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Our Instant go-to beverage for all Saffron latte lovers. 

Saffron, Kesar is one of world's most expensive and rarest spices. Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the "saffron crocus".

A mere pinch of the beautiful and delicate orange-crimson threads of kesar can turn any dish or beverage around both in terms of flavour and colour.

Saffron travelled the world through trade and became a novel part of Indian desserts.

Kesar premix can also be used to make indian dessert like Kesar Peda or Kesar Badam Kulfi when added to milk or milk based products.

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